Prescott Quad Cities Area of Northern Arizona


What is Needed for Soccer Practice and Games



•Ball (sizes requirements below)

•Water Bottle

•Shin Guards

•Soccer Cleats are optional but highly recommended

•Appropriate practice clothing - no buttons, buckles, zippers etc which could injure another player

Games  •Ball (sizes requirements below)

•Water Bottle

•Shin Guards

•Soccer Cleats are optional but highly recommended

•Full Uniform

•NO Jewelry (see details)



Soccer Ball Sizes

 Soccer balls come in different sizes and the different age groups will use the ball that is appropriate for their age.

•Pee Wee / U6 / U7 / U8 :  Size 3 Ball

•U9 / U10 / U11 / U12:  Size 4 Ball

•U13 / U14 / U15 / U16 / U17/ U18 / U19:  Size 5 Ball



Soccer cleats are recommended but not required. No metal cleats will be allowed.  No toe cleats will be allowed; if you have a pair of baseball or softball cleats that you would like to use for soccer, you can file off the toe cleat.



No jewelry will be allowed during practice or games. This means no metal hair clips,  earings or other body piercings, no necklaces or bracelets.  If your child has newly pierced ears,  you MAY be able to place band-aids over the earings during a game. However, it is up to the individual referee to allow or disallow the earings. You may be given the choice to either remove the earings, or to have the child sit out.


Uniform / Cold Weather

The full uniform must be worn for each game including jersey, shorts, and socks or t-shirt for Pee Wee players. If the weather is cold on a game day, the player may wear a like colored garment under their uniform as long as it does not have any zippers, buttons, buckles, or other items that might cause injury to another player.  Pullover sweatshirts or sweatpants are recommended.



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